Hottest topic? Holiday Cottages

Do first impressions count when letting your property?
You bet they do!

Show, Don’t Tell

A typical online buyer usually makes up their minds to stay on the page within the first 4-8 seconds of viewing your property.

But then you have to hold their attention and you do that by selling the dream, transporting them to your holiday destination.

Making them want to come.


Establish the shot

This is the dream you are selling.

Beautiful Castle setting, Cardigan coast nearby,

breakfast in luxurious surroundings.


Yes, I'll have breakfast in bed

It doesn’t need to be as grand as the 11th Century home of the Eisteddfod, to be attractive

Llys Haul lovely cottage in New Quay

This is a little gem, nestled into the New Quay hillside

window view at llys Haul

This is achieved with clever staging

and beautiful professional photography.

We can do this for you now, for less than a few days rental.

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07803 522114    

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These cottages and much more can be found at


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